About Us

Myretailware.com is a website which provides Software downloads, Updates, Release Notes, Product Videos, Formats, AMC Status etc. to registered customers of Retailware Softech Pvt Ltd. This website also has a facility to accept funds from customers towards AMC charges since this helps speed up the process as compared to regular banking channels. However, as of now, Retailware is not selling its products through this website.
Retailware Softech Pvt. Ltd. Caters to the technology needs of retailers.The two major products are Retailware and JewelSoftPlus.

Addresses almost all the issues faced by modern day retailers and is positioned as the ultimate solution for retail stores.

Handles the intricacies of the jewellery retail trade and provides a secure and user friendly environment for the traditional as well as modern jewelers.

The Company is headed by Mr.Ajit Thadhani who himself is an Electronic Engineer with dual specialization in Management (MIS, Finance) from Pune university. He is ably supported by team of professionals in design, development and support functions.

"Team Retailware" with 12 years of experience in servicing can understand the business of retail and the problems faced by Retailers in managing the business efficiently.

Hence we can provide Intelligent Solutions For Smart Retailers.

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